Party's Over

by Spikey Wikey

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A melody popped into my head one fateful day in February. That happens all the time, so this time shouldn't have been any different, but for some reason it was. For some reason, I decided to actually do something with it, and I spent my entire day writing my first full length song in 4 and a half years. It was amazing, and I was so proud of myself. I almost released it too, but I decided to start adding pony samples. That was my first mistake. 3 days later I'd reworked the song into a VIP of Party's Over, a track I'd co-written back in 2014. All that was missing were some fresh samples.

I decided to commission some track art for the song in the meantime, since I was so proud of the song and I thought the visual accompaniment would be the motivation I needed to go sample hunting. I reached out to an artist that I'd fancied lately and they agreed to the commission after hearing a WIP of the song. Within a week I had an incredibly stylistic picture of Pinkie Pie revving a chainsaw, I was very happy with it. "I'm hoping I can have the song uploaded by the end of the week," were my parting words with the artist.

Two weeks later I was no closer to finishing the song as I was when I first commissioned the art. I felt so bad. I couldn't even remember the last time I felt that guilty, like I'd commited some heinous crime. I couldn't even bring myself to say anything to the artist. They'd probably already lost all hope in me anyways. "I'm such a horrible person," I thought. So I just decided to forget about it. Pretend nothing happened and go back to sitting around all day doing... nothing. I finally did something legitimately fulfilling and productive with my time and I blew it.

Another two weeks passed. Another melody came to me. More than a melody actually, a whole song idea. "Should I just shrug it off? That's what I always do, but what if I actually wrote another song, just like last time? Would it be another waste of time? What could I do different so it's not another waste of time?"

On March 31st, I released Shining Free through PonyChord. "I did it, I wrote a song and actually released the stupid thing. It sounds so good too, and I learned so much in the process. Is this what being a producer is supposed to feel like? This is amazing, I should really do this more often."

So I came to the conclusion that 2019 would be the year that I didn't do nothing. 2019 was going to be the year that Spikey Wikey leaves a proper footprint for once. Why stop at one song, when I could release a whole album? It was finally time to stop playing around and get serious with my music. Party's over.


September 30th, over 7 months later, I've finally delivered. Over the course of the year I experimented in many different genres and styles to help craft my sound and expand my knowledge. Party's Over, as an album, serves as 3 things.

Firstly, it's a proof of concept. I know that I can do better than this, and I want to do better, so I want this collection to serve as proof that I'm on to something. I want people to know that I'm here and I want to be great, I just need to get there first.

Secondly, it's an apology to Littmosa, the artist responsible for the cover art. They accepted my commission expecting me to stay true to my word. I've now turned that one song into a whole album, so I hope they'll accept my way of saying sorry.

And lastly, it's a marker. It marks the end of an era. For over 6 years I've used Vegas Pro (formerly Sony Vegas) as my video editor, photo editor, audio editor, and yes, even as my digital audio workstation. With this album I have officially reached my limit within Vegas. I simply can't advance my music production without advancing my software, which means I can't grow as a producer until I stop using Vegas to produce my music. Party's Over is the last collection of songs that I will ever produce in video editing software, so Party's Over is a marker.

One week from today I am moving away from home. At age 23, It will be my first time on my own. It will be a challenge, but I have no choice. I've enrolled in a digital arts and media school 10 hours from where I currently live so that I can take the next step in my music career. I don't ask you to agree with this bold decision, I only ask that you understand this is the only step that I could take. I was never meant to get into electronic music. I live with aspergers in a small town in southern Canada, raised by two Christian parents with only enough money to get us by. My life was not given enough meaning until I discovered my passion for music through internet culture.

I graduated high school over 6 years ago and did nothing with my young adult life. My money is gone, my friends are gone, and now I'm even leaving my own home. My passion for music is all I have left, I have nothing else to lose. I will come out on top, I have no other choice.

Sorry, that was overly dramatic. Anyways, this will probably be the last music release of mine for a long while so I can focus on my studies. I hope I didn't get everyone's hopes up, thinking I'd be releasing music on a regular basis now or something. I've gotta slow down to learn some stuff first, but a year from now I'll be back in full swing, and hopefully sounding better than ever. Thanks as always.


released September 30, 2019

Art by Littmosa:


all rights reserved



Josh Friesen Kelowna, British Columbia

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